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    GeoAnalytics connector and GeoAnalytics Plus installation

    Ali Azizi

      We have installed GeoAnalytics connector and GeoAnalytics Plus for our customer. Before installing the GeoAnalytics Plus I tested the GeoAnalytics connector and get the error "Invalid key".


      Then I tried to install GeoAnalytics plus. Java 9.0.1 is already implemented on the server.


      When I try to create a connection towards GeoAnalytics plus, I receive the error below:


      I tried several other ports on the server but the result is the same. By using “https://ga.qlikcloud.com” the connection will be established:



      According to the GeoAnalytics installation guide: http://bi.idevio.com/geoanalytics/geoanalytics-plus-installation

      If we don’t have GeoAnalytics server implemented, we should use the default values in the installation wizard. But as I’ve seen the default values in the GeoAnalytics installation wizard is different from those in the installation guide:



      Installation wizard

      Installation guide

      Location executor port



      Location server URL



      Route server URL



      Geocoder Server URL




      I’m not sure which one is correct and should be used. Currently I use the values mentioned in the installation guide.


      Any help is appreciated.








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          Ali Azizi

          Forgot to mention that I've installed GeoAnalytics on a Qlik Sense server (June 2017) version.

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              Jonas Karlsson

              Hi Ali,

              The server we use is located in the domain qlikcloud.com, the other addresses you refer to are old and will not be visible if you download the latest versions. They will only be visible if you have older version of the extension/connector installed. so it´ll not be a problem for new users.


              Right now QGA supports the latest public release of Java which as of today is Java  8 rel 151 64-bit version

              Java Downloads for All Operating Systems


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              Jonas Karlsson 


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                  Ali Azizi

                  Hi Jonas


                  Thank you for your reply. It is the first time I’ve installed GeoAnalytics on this server. The version is 5.8.2.


                  The default values in the installation wizard for GeoAnalytics Plus should be updated by Qlik as it still contains the old values, even though I have the latest version of GeoAnalytics connector on the server.


                  Regarding the Java version I’ve implemented the version 9.0.1 as mentioned earlier and it is working fine.




                  I got yesterday help from a Qlik consultant to review the installation together and we found the root cause for this issue:


                  When running the installation wizard for GeoAnalytics connector and select the Qlik Sense as installation it automatically enters the following path for the extensions:




                  And it caused the problem. The correct path should be:


                  \<Qlik Sense Share>\StaticContent\Extensions


                  By changing the path the error message “Invalid key” was not appearing again and the connector was working correctly.