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    Reduce Load Time

    David Rose

      I have 3 separate Excel files with data (2015,2016,2017). My load statement in Qlik Sense loads from each of the files. The only file that is continually changing is 2017. In an effort to reduce load time, how do I load 2015 and 2016 files once and only spend time loading new 2017 data?

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          Anand Chouhan

          1. Create QVDs of 2015,2016 and read data from this qvds.

          2. Only load new data fro the 2017 qvds.


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              Mark Little

              HI David,


              As Anand has suggested. Storing the data for 2015 and 2016 into qvds.


              If you take your original script for 2015 and 2016, and a store command to save it to QVD.

              Like Store 2015 into lib://'Your library'\2015.qvd;   (Your library be where you want them ).


              Once in QVDs, you can just load using there as your source and you should see a big difference in load times.


              Also maybe worth looking at the Incremental load logic if you 2017 file is very large.



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              Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

              You cannot load it only once if you want to see 2015 and 2016 data always.

              You have to reload these qvd's always along with 2017 data.

              Or try Incremental load but as far as I know data cannot be stored if there is no table in qvw.