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    Linear Trend Line (QS) despite of date gaps

    Martin Pallesen

      Hi all,


      I am trying to add a trend line based on linear regression to my chart (have tried using both a line graph and a combo chart).

      My dimension is a date field, but there are gaps, as I don't have data on all dates.


      I have tried inserting a trend line using:

      linest_m(total aggr(Y,X), X)*X + linest_b(total aggr(Y,X),X)


      This, however, leaves me with a "broken" trend line because of the gaps in my dates.


      I have tried to change my dimension into consecutive numbers using =aggr(rank(-DATEFIELD),DATEFIELD)-1

      Changing the dimension works fine itself, but unfortunately it doesn't help me creating my trend line. I have also tried replacing my datefield in my expression with the above aggr-expression.


      Any help would be appreciated.