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    Document CALs not being released ?

      Hi all,


      First post - be gentle.


      My QVS isn't releasing Document CALs


      I've got Allow Dynamic CAL assigment ticked on, 4 Document CALs allocated.


      In the Assigned Users area there are 4 users listed - the Last Used (UTC) values go back 2 weeks for

      some of them, and I know for a fact that some of them haven't opened a document.


      Any ideas ?


      Many Thanks in advance !

        • Document CALs not being released ?

          Taken from the Qlikview Server Reference Manual



          "To delete an assigned user, thus freeing a Document CAL, click on the Delete button ( ). If the CAL

          has not been in use for the last 24 hours, it will be deleted immediately. If the CAL is currently being used

          or has recently been used, it will be marked for deletion, and not allow new sessions for user access

          through this CAL, but will still occupy an allocated CAL until the Quarantine time ends. During this

          period, you may undelete by clicking the Restore button ( ). After the quarantine period, you may

          delete the entry manually (by clicking on the Delete button), or restart the QVS service"




          • Document CALs not being released ?
            Ashfaq Mohammed



            What is the version of qlikview server you are dealing with.


            as far as my knowledge is concern any cal if not used for 24 hours of time can be deleted manually.


            Can you share the snapshot of your cal assigenment so that we can help you out.




            • Document CALs not being released ?

              Ah, I think I misunderstood.


              I thought the Qlikview system would automatically delete the unused document CALs after 24 hours.


              Turns out I have to go in and manually delete them.


              Is there any facility to get the system to look after this clean up itself ?