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    Different filters from the same SQL table

    Mariano Fabrizi

      Hi everibody, i need help with.

      I'm working with qlik sense server 3.0

      I load data from a view on MSSQL,

      this view is like this:



      SEASON      BRAND      SOLD

      2013                  A             150

      2014                  A             200

      2014                  B             130

      2015                  A             300

      2015                  B             180

      2015                  C             130



      Now i want to make an app with two filter pane for the season, one filter pane for the brand and two pivot table.

      With the first season filter i want to select the season on the first pivot, with the second season i want to select the other pivot table.

      I need the brand filter to select from both the pivot table.


      I wrote this simple script:





          "SOLD" AS "D_1_SOLD";





      FROM "DB".dbo."SOLD_VIEW";






          "SOLD" AS "D_2_SOLD";





      FROM "DB".dbo."SOLD_VIEW";


      The problem is that when i select only one of the season the other pivot table make a selection at the second pivot table with the brands which are present even in the first.

      For example, if i chose the season 2013 for the first pivot and 2015 for the second i will be not able to see the brand B and C for the season 2015, but only the brand A because it is the only one present in the seaeson 2013.

      What i need is to show all the brands for both the seasons selected and then use the brand filter pane.

      What can i do to solve this problem?