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    Changing Source Connection

    Kevin Pickering



      We are running NPrint Server V16.1.0.0 (SR1).


      I've changed the QlikView document for source connection in the nsq after doing a migration from QlikView Server to version 12. It's the same qvw just on a different server.

      If I preview a report in the nsq, I can see after NPrint opens the qvw that it is from the QV12 server.

      However, all our automated schedules still connect to the old server version, according to the NPrint server logs.


      Do changes in the nsq source connection automatically update in the NPrint server or am I missing something?


      Help appreciated, please.

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          Marcus Malinow

          Hi Kevin,


          I believe you need to restart your NPrinting Server service, as the old connection details will be cached.



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            Kevin Pickering

            Thanks Marcus but managed to find the culprit. Service was set up to read nsq files in a folder rather than the one file we use. There was a backup copy of the pre-server change nsq stored in the same folder and NPrint servce was therefore reading the schedule from this file as well.


            So moving the offending file seems to have done the trick and a test schedule ran correctly.


            The only issue now is that even though all the old schedules were made inactive, nsq saved and then moved to archive, NPrint monitor still shows the old schedules and hasn't removed them (even after a service restart).  I'm hoping the service will eventually clean up the old schedules over time.