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    Pre 1900 Dates

    Jacques Hollands

      Hi All,


      I completed a similar request a few minutes ago, but it seemingly hasn't posted.


      I need some assistance with dates preceding 1900.  I have a flat file (Excel) with about 500 rows and 26 columns of data that represent sporting results going back to 30-07-1891 (30 July 1891).


      I initially built the model in QlikView 11 and had absolutely no problems with dates. I could derive month, year, day selections from all the dates, including those prior to the epoch date (30-12-1899).  We then decided to rather build the model in Qlik Sense and while everything is working fine, dates have become a problem.  I can't create month and year values on dates pre-1900.


      Can anyone direct me to an article dealing with this issue or advise as to how to deal with these dates as I obviously cannot exclude this data from my dataset?  I have searched the internet extensively for assistance on this, but haven't been able to find a solution.


      Thank you kindly,


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          Stefan Wühl

          Please don't post multiple times the same request (you may need to wait for approval by moderators)

          Pre 1900 Dates

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              Jacques Hollands

              Hi Stefan,


              Yeah, apologies for the double-post.  It wasn't my intention.  I posted my request in the QlikView section the first time and tried to rectify it by putting it into the Qlik Sense section.  I then couldn't find a way to delete my original post.


              Thanks anyway again for helping me with this.


              For those who haven't seen my previous post, Stefan was able to provide me with the following answer that worked perfectly when added to the load script:


              Date( Alt(DATEFIELD, Date#(DATEFIELD,'DD-MM-YYYY') )) as DATEFIELD