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    Linking data from 2 systems

    Corne Vermaak

      Hi all

      I am trying to link data from 2 systems into a model, but have difficulty in getting the level of detail right.

      Two systems - one a Point-of-sale system and the other a traffic counter. In the POS system, all transaction information is stored on a store level. For the other system, data is stored on a door level - e.g. a  retail store may have multiple entrances, and we receive the traffic flow information per entrance (door). All events are obviously time-based, which means the information all links back to the same calendar.

      We tried using two approaches as indicated in the table layouts, to no success. Please assist with comments on what we are doing wrong?


      "Table design joins.bmp" (first layout below) shows how we attempted to add the higher-level store info (Store_NO) into the traffic flow info - we tried to add the Store_NO field into the DATA_DAY_EQUIP table, through which QV created its synthetic key table, but we do not match to source data

      The second layout shows the issue where the data is looped through the Stores_XT, Transaction and Synthetic Key tables.


      Thanks in advance



      Table design joins.jpgTable design Door and Store.jpg