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    connection monitor_apps_REST_user not found

    manoj singh



      Recently, we migrated to Qlik sense June 2017 (SR2) version for Single node installation.  Now, we are stuck at the monitoring apps as these do not seem to be running fine.


      One of these gives - connection 'monitor_apps_REST_user' not found

      Other just says - data not loaded and execution failed. No errors in log to hunt for something.


      I made changes ( as given in some solution) in this user -  'monitor_apps_REST_user' : added password/ changed the 'localhost' with server name as well.


      No luck...

        • Re: connection monitor_apps_REST_user not found
          Ariel Eidelstein



          Maybe default port was changed. In that case you need to update the connectionstrings used by the monitor app.


          Message: "Error: QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA..." This error can have different causes.

          Customized proxy port

          Possible cause The proxy's HTTPS port has been customized.

          Proposed action Change all the monitor_apps_REST_ data connections to use the customized port.

          Example: CUSTOM CONNECT TO"provider=QvRestConnector.exe;url=https://localhost:4443/qrs..."


          Do this for all monitor_apps connections.


          Good luck!