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    Condition for each user (NP Sept. 17)

    Danijel Horvat



      we have a Report in Excel with Data from QlikView.


      Now every User who is set as an recipient gets a report -> so far so good.


      But the problem ist, when the recipient has no data because there are no informationen for him, he gets a empty report.


      I've tested it with conditions, but i can't set this on user base..


      Is there a possibility to set a condition for each recipient?


      Is Data aviable for User X -> YES -> Send Report to User X

                                                   -> NO -> Do not send a Report to User X


      Thanks in advance

        • Re: Condition for each user (NP Sept. 17)
          Ruggero Piccoli



          I suggest you to:

          - create a QlikView chart that has data only for the users that has data. For example, you can create a straight table with only the salesman who have sales.

          - create a condition with a rule that checks if that chart has data. When the task creates the report for a user it will apply user's filters. That user has no data so the chart will be empty, the condition fails and the report will not be generated



          Best Regards,



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