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    Data  sync between two scheduler nodes

    rohit kumar

      Hi All,

      I have configured shared persistence Qlik Sense site which has two scheduler nodes #1 and #2. I have written a load balancing rule which says my all application are sync to both of the nodes, means if my one scheduler node fails other will execute the application. I am not restricting one application to one particular  node to avoid failure.

      Now, my one application is generating 10 QVDs which  has storing path to local directory lets say D:\Data . So when it get execute on #1 node it saves data \\#1\D:\Data and when it execute on #2 it saves QVDs on \\#2\D:\Data.


      Now my visualization application confused which scheduler node has latest QVDs. I donot find any way to sync output data to syn on real time.


      Can you please help me to know, how to sync QVDs generated on scheduler nodes or how to map my application to the latest Qvds ??