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    API Rest Connection with Eloqua

    Twan Peters

      I'm trying to create an API Rest connection with Eloqua, but i'm not really successful in that.


      It's not clear for me where i can define the Eloqua instance, i assume it is before my login name?

      Hence: Instance/Login


      Further, from what i have understood i should follow this order to extract data from Eloqua:


      Create Structure (Post)

      Sync Structure (Post)

      Validate Sync (Get)

      Exraction (Get)


      I'm still at the first step, i tried to make a test connection but i'm receiving an error about ' field; name, constract --> must be a string value..


      I expect that the error has something to do with my Request body?



          %3name%3: %3Contact Export%3,

          %3fields%3: {%3EmailAddress%3: %3{{Contact.Field(C_EmailAddress)}}%3}}


      Any help is appreciated!