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    Qlik Sense End-User Activity

    unal aksu

      Hi Qlik Community,


      Can we obtain end-user activities from Qlik Sense Audit Logs? For example, can we determine that a user bookmarked an object or printed? Based on this page (Logs and error codes ‒ QlikView) it seems that is possible in QlikView. I wonder how can we get the same data in QlikSense?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Mark Ritter

          The Operations Monitor has a sheet that displays export activity.  I would suspect that you could also locate in the logs printing and possibly bookmarking. 


          But I have not tried this or can tell you where the data is. 


          I would look at the load script in the Operations Monitor and see where it is getting the exporting data and look there.

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              unal aksu

              Hi Mark,


              Thanks for your answer. I tried it. Unfortunately, there is only an "Export" activity.

              It will be really nice to find which customers are interested in which KPIs in order to improve dashboards. It seems that we have to wait QlikSense to log user activities in detail.