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    using flags

    Bhanu C

      Hi any help please;


      I have a field Customer Names with 8 unique names , each customer is buying N number of products: During the script load i am creating a flag for Customer Count (If (Not IsNull(CustomerName),1,0) as Cust Count.


      Now when i am using sum(Customer Count) in the Expression i am getting only 8 where as it should not be the case, as the Count will be more than eight as each unique customer may buy any number of products. Like if X is buying 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 products then sum(Customer Count) should be 10 but i am getting 8 only.


      I know its very simple and with a self created example i am getting the right answer but when i am using that in my task it''s not working.


      Can any one explain where i am going wrong

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          Stefan Wühl

          Hard to tell without knowing a little bit about your model and the data.


          Could you post a screenshot of your model? And maybe a screenshot of a tablebox showing your count field and the orders?


          A sample QVW might help to understand your issue.


          Just guessing, but if you are creating the count field in the dimensional table that shows only the 8 customers, a simple Sum(CountField) will return 8. You need to create the field in your fact table if you want to get the order count with a valid customer.