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    Totals function - Auto and Sum

    Sayyam Bhandari

      When i use 'Auto' in total fuctions the total value i get is 5.35% but when i choose 'Sum' in Total functions i get 3.24%.

      The individual values are same for both Value 0 and Value 1 as formula i am using here is


      ($(='(1+Sum({<B=Comp,DateField={"' & GetFieldSelections(DateField,'"}>} Sales*0.01)) * (1+Sum({<B=Comp, DateField={"') & '"}>} Sales*0.01))')-1)/100

      My question :

      i want to get total value using expression, so i put total just before sales in the formula

      ($(='(1+Sum({<B=Comp,DateField={"' & GetFieldSelections(DateField,'"}>} total Sales*0.01)) * (1+Sum({<B=Comp, DateField={"') & '"}>} total Sales*0.01))')-1)/100

      and it gives me 5.35

      How do i get 3.24 instead of 5.35 using expression ?