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    PNL Statement - % by Revenue calculation in Pivot table is wrong

    Mohammad Adnan Ansari

      I am working with Profit/Loss Statement. The first column shows the figures for the heads in PNL like Sales, Cost of Sales, GP, EBITDA etc. The second column is (First Column as a Percentage of Sales). 

      If I am running my report for full year; the below formula will be the divider to bring the percentage:

      Sum(Total {$<[PNL Head Name]={'Sales'}, [Year] = {"$(=Max(Year))"} >} [Account Balance])


      If I use a table format in Qlik Sense this formula brings sales on each line; which can be used to divide the individual PNL heads to bring percentages.


      This formula do not work when I use a pivot table and need a report by individual month. like Jan, Feb, Mar, ... etc in the column of the pivot. Infact it brings the total for the year in each month column which is wrong.


      Can anybody guess how to resolve this issue?