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    Dynamic Labels for bar chart

    Apoorva Dhulehole

      Hello Everyone,


      I would like to have a dynamic labels for my chart. What I mean is, when I select a week or a month which is less than current month, then the label should display, "Thereof BB" and if the month or week selected is greater than or equal to current month then the label of the bar should display ,"Risk BB" . With the below mentioned expression I am getting to work this except that, when I select more than one past or future month, it is not working.


      =if(GetFieldSelections(WeekShort)>=month(Date#(WeekShort,'MMM')) or  Month(Date#(POPER_NEW, 'MMM'))>=month(today()) 

      ,'Risk BB'  ,if(GetFieldSelections(WeekShort)<month(Date#(WeekShort,'MMM')) or Month(Date#(POPER_NEW, 'MMM'))<month(today())  ,'Thereof BB', 'Thereof BB'))


      Any help on this?


      Thank you.