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    Rest connector (mailchimp v3)

    ilan baruch

      hi all,

      im trying to connect to mailchimp (API V3) through Qlik Rest connector.

      recived pagination parameters from mailchimp support and connection is established

      but i'm missing parameters : Data indicator path which is not availble from mailchimp support


      method : GET

      Pagination type: offset

      • Start initial parameter: Offset
      • Start initial value: value of Offset, 0 if not using offset
      • Count parameter name: Count
      • Count initial value: value of count, 10 if count is not used
      • Total record path: Total_items
      • Data indicator path: Not sure we have something similar here

      from their side calls are coming through as expected The calls are being made successful and a response is being provided but when reloading model i recieve below error:

      QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Field containing total records in the current source was not found. Please provide path to the correct field in the Pagination parameter 'Total field path.'

      - is it possible to pull data without Data indicator path?

      -look in header \ pass via header checkboxes should be checked?

      - should i try another pagination type ?




      advanced thanks