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    Extract daily data from cumulative data table (today - yesterday)

    Chaitanya Moparthi


      I have more questions real time using Qlik. Hope this will help others as well.

      I have a table names as 'purchase'.


      Date                           Customer_Name          Purchase_count (Cumulative)

      10-09-2017                John                              43056

      10-09-2017                Ryan                              44000

      10-09-2017                Martin                          45600

      10-10-2017                John                              45900

      10-10-2017                Ryan                              46700

      10-10-2017                Martin                          47000

      10-11-2017                John                              47900

      10-11-2017                Ryan                              48500

      10-11-2017                Martin                           50000

      How can I extract daily data from this table?  (Today - yesterday) will give me daily value. I tried using FirstSortedValue(), but of no luck. I have 2 simple questions.

      1. Please let me know what is the better way to extract daily values,  At the time of loading  table or while writing in the expression on chart?

      2. Please help me with the script for what ever the better way you suggest.

      Thank you.