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    Using if statement in KPI object

    Mike Slottje

      Hi guys,


      in a KPI object I want to show the total amount of accounts that we've prepaid.

      This means, that I want to show the total sum of a measure if this is > 0.


      I tried the following script:


      if(SUM({<[Outstanding invoices flag AP]={'y'}>}[Remaining Amount AP])>0,SUM({<[Outstanding invoices flag AP]={'y'}>}[Remaining Amount AP]))


      Unfortunately, the KPI object only shows a minus sign as outcome.


      When I'm using a table with the vendor name and the outstanding invoices flag as dimensions, the measure expression written below works.

      if(sum([Remaining Amount AP]) > 0, sum([Remaining Amount AP]) )

      How should I convert the total amount from the table into a KPI object?


      Your help is much appreciated!





      EDIT: I've attached an example Excel file with vendors, status and remaining amount. Hopefully this helps.