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    Storing expressions in tables

    Raghavendra Suryakumar

      Hi All,


      We have a scenario wherein the a lot of fields are calculated values and again these calculated fields are used in next stage for deriving conclusions.  Can somebody let me know if we can store the values derived from first stage into a table and later use the table values for deriving conclusions. 


      I am trying to explain the process with help of an example.  Please note that we can't variables here because we are using calculated fields for more that 10,000 lines of data.


      1st stage



      Product      Sales Data      Calculated field 1   (based on sales data some calculated values are derived with the help multiple factors)

      1                   1000                   xxx

      2                    2000                  YYY

      3                    3000                  ZZZ



      2nd Stage


      Product    Calculated Field 1           Calculated field 2             calculated field 3

      1                   xxx                                   AAA                            EEE

      2                   YYY                                  BBB                            FFF

      3                   ZZZ                                    CCC                            GGG


      3rd Stage


      Product           Conclusions





      The conclusions we have to derive is again based on Calculated Fields 1,2,3 based on different market variables.  Can anybody suggest if can create a table for loading Calculated fields which automatically gets updated with change in sales data. 


      Please let me if anyone have encountered similare situation.


      Thanks and Regards,