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    Cannot open attached file

    Bart de Boed

      Hi everyone,


      When I create an app in the cloud, I attach an excel file, load everything and start making the app. Everything works great, untill I log out and re-open the app a few hours or a day later. When I log back in and open the app, visualisations change/disappear and when I look in the data manager, it says that loading failed because it was unable to load the attached datafile.


      When I look in data manager for tables, it shows the database, but says that it is currently unavailable. So it seems that everytime I stop working and re-open the app, it removes the datafile?


      I can add the datafile again and then it loads fine, but when I log out again the same thing happens over and over!


      Please help me out because this is getting quite frustrating. Thanks in advance!