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    Create HTTPS cert with internal CA

    Gustav Gager

      Hi there.

      We have a PFsense Firewall wich does have a build in CA. So my plan is to use this CA to create a certificate that i can deploy using GPO and then use it to run HTTPS on several internal websites, inlcuding QS. However i cant seem to get it working.

      First of, im pretty new to how certificates work but im trying to learn.


      I have created a Root-CA and a Suborinate-CA on the firewall. I then exported the root-CA certificate and installed on my local desktop machine. I then created a server-certificate using the subordinate CA. From pfsense i can then export the crt file and i can export an .key file.

      I the used openSSL.exe to merge theese two into one file and imported in on the qliksense server. I took the thumbprint and added it to the QS Proxy (as i have done on several customers befor without any problem).


      But when i load the page and check what certificate it uses. It looks like its still uses the serlf-signed cert (The CA seems to be the sense-server). So what am I doing wrong? Do i need to convert my certificates to a specific format or something?