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    Help with correl function

    Michael Andrews

      I need to use the correlation function but with a twist.

      Right now I have a pivot table of questions and answers, and then some varying functions on them. What I need to do is on each question, I need to correlate all answers on that question, where if they selected the answer I'm currently on, then I correlate a one with their score, otherwise I correlate a 0.


      Right now I'm trying this


      //what I need here is all answers for this question, and then if the ItemResponse = the name of the current Item I'm on, then give me a 1

      Correl(IF(ItemResponse = ItemName, 1, 0), ExamScore)


      But I'm not sure that is correlating all answers for that question, for every individual response. I have an excel sheet of this data if that helps. I've also attached a screen shot.