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    How to save Doc CALS ??

    vishal goud

      Hi All,


      Business team is already accessing the application called xy.qvw which is deployed, now i did many updates to it (both UI and Scirpt)

      Like i developed a new qvw again called xz.qvw.


      Now if we deploy the xz.qvw then again we have to give 5 doc cals to 5 users. and we are wasting the doc cals of xy.qvw. which is no more accessed once the   xz.qvw deployed.


      Came to know that, we can save the doc cals in this situation - By giving the same to new app as well.


      can any body explain the clear procedure to do it...??


      Note : provided that our users are haing doc CALS.



        • Re: How to save Doc CALS ??
          Peter Cammaert


          • overwrite the old copy of xy.qvw with xz.qvw while renaming the latter to xy.qvw. You'll be able to recover every CAL, configuration setting and (optionally) server object without anyone noticing, or
          • assign new Doc CALs to the new document to get it started and remove the Doc CALs from the old document. No-one with a Doc CAL will be able to access the old document anymore. Then sit out the quarantaine period. At the end of that period, doc CALs will become available again.