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    Ignore filter selection + force on another value

    Pierre Chazel

      Good morning,


      I´ve tried to find the answer on previous posts, but I didn´t, I apologize if this question was already asked before.


      Here is my question if I sum it up :

      - I have in my table Volumes, per Year ("2016", "2017", "Budget 2018" ).


      - I have a Filter pane based on Year, so they can select any year, and I want to show 2 Objects,

      1- a KPI Object with the volume of the selected year (they will choose "2017", or "Budget 2018"), which is easy, directly linked to the filter

      2- a KPI Object with the volume of 2016. The issue being that I need to force the formula to ignore what the user selected, and at the same time force the volume to be linked with 2016...


      Is there a solution with the Set Analysis - trick to make it work, given I worked in Sense Cloud ?


      Thanks a lot, I tried to be as clear I as could...


      Have a good day,