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    How to Clear User Selections on Session Logout



      Our Users access the production QV docs through Accesspoint. The problem is that when they access a document they are still seeing the selections that they have made (using list boxes or drill downs) the last time they accessed the document (which in most cases was from a few days earlier after which they would have obviously closed the session).


      Is there any way to manage this issue globally to make sure that the User selections are cleared after closing the session? I'm hoping we should be able to do this using the Management Console (QMC) but am not sure where exactly these are to be set. I would greatly appreciate any directions to resolve this.




        • How to Clear User Selections on Session Logout
          Erich Shiino


          Try a checkbox called 'Prohibit Session Recovery' on the Documents tab in Server properties in QEMC (I am not sure if you can find it on QMC)


          (Server Document Properties - if you check the QlikView Server Reference v10 SR2, it's on page 113)



            • How to Clear User Selections on Session Logout

              Thanks Erich. We are still with QV 10 IR and have not migrated to SR2. I'm thinking that might be the reason why I dont see the checkbox you mentioned.


              I however, tried making this change: When you go to QEMC\Documents\Server Objects, there is a "Creators" object that has three options All, Restricted and None. Earlier the selection was "All", I have now changed this to "None".


              I'm thinking this should resolve our issue. I will monitor for a few days and post an update about how that helped.