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    Dynamically hide or show a column in Qlik sense Table and Pivot chart

    Shounendra Kulshreshtha

      Hello all,


      We are having a requirement where in we want to conditionally hide a particular column from display of a pivot or a table report


      We have implemented conditional calculation based on a field selected by a user, if the user does not selects that field then no calculation will be done and we are populating Null value.


      Following code has been used :-


      If (GetSelectedCount([Measures]) = 0 or WildMatch(GetFieldSelections([Measures]), '*Actuals*'), (Sum(Actuals) , Null())


      However now we need to hide this column if the condition does not satisfies in the if expression.


      Please suggest if you have some approach or you have used some extensions to implement the such a requirement.


      Thanks in advance.


      Shounendra Kulshreshtha