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    How to add relative proportion to line chart with absolute numbers

    Florian Gugganeder



      I've encountered a problem enriching simple line charts with additional information. I wanted to add the relative proportion next to the line. I did some research and one possible solution is to add additional expressions with some if-logic in order to print only one value. However, the positioning is off. The value is being printed at the wrong line. If I add additional expressions, they are all printed at the same position, whereas when the relative proportion expressions exceed two, no values are shown anymore.



      // This formula expects the Source Agg as a parameter

      SET eSumSource = (Sum({$<[Source Agg]={$1}>} Value));


      // This formula calculates the relative proportion, but only for the latest x-value.

      SET eSumSourceRel = If(YearWeek= Max(Total YearWeek), $(eSumSource($1)) / $(eSumSource('*')), '');


      Explanations to the Chart:

      • The x-axis shows the weekname.
      • The top line is the sum of the lines below and expressed as an additional expression ($(eSumSource('*'))).
      • The three lines below, each of them represent a specific source ($(eSumSource('Desktop'). Dark Blue = iOS, Green = Desktop, Red = Android.
      • The numbers 19,4% and 27,0% are the results of the expression $(eSumSourceRel('Desktop')) and $(eSumSourceRel('iOS')), an unchecked line checkbox, but with a checked values on data points checkbox.

      Linechart with two values.PNG


      As you can see, the numbers are not correctly displayed even though the values are correct.


      How it should look like:

      Linechart Soll.png


      Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


      Best regards,