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    Show/Hide Container expression

    nikhil garg

      Hello All,

      I am using Show Hide Container in Qliksense. I ahve created 2 separate charts, one for state and another for cities.

      I have used Show/Hide container for this. I am using following expression as Condition to show Chart for cities.

      if(GetPossibleCount([India States.Area]) = 1 , 1, 0)

      Above expression working fine when i select one state. But user can select multiple state as well. For that i changed my expression to:

      =if(GetPossibleCount([India States.Area]) > 0 , 1, 0), but this does not seems to work.

      I ahve used GetSelectedCount() as well but it does not works. Can anyone help me telling what expression to use that works fine with either one or multiple state selected?


      Nikhil Garg