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    How to make Current Year and Previous Year in one Member Dimension Chart

    Handriko Naftali

      Hi Experts,


      I would like to ask how to make current year and previous year sales comparison in one member dimension.

      The bars should have 2 measures which are current year and previous year.


      Below is what i am expecting to have.

      Right here, i use firstsortedvalue in formula.

      You will see there is only 1 member dimension (2016) that has detail of current year and previous year. This is what i want.




      Below is what i currently have.

      Right here, instead of using firstsortedvalue formula, i use only simple sum and set analysis because unfortunately there is particular reason i cannot use firstsortedvalue formula.

      You will see there are 2 separate member dimensions (2016 and 2017). This is NOT what i want.



      I would be really grateful if would kindly give feedback upon this question.


      Thanks Fellas.




      Handriko Naftali