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    Qlik's issue with basic calculations

    Grzegorz Smajdor


      I use the September 2017 version.

      I found an  (funny?)  issue with basic calculations in Qlik Sense.


      Let's assume:



      result = $(a)/$(b)


      Now it's time for the question - result is equal.....

      Should be 0,25, right? (1 divided by 4)

      Not for QlikSense! For QlikSense the results equals 4.


      I started investigation how it's possible.

      It seems that Qlik instead of this:

      a) calculate a variable

      b) calculate b variable

      c) divide: a/b


      Does this:

      a) do not calculate a and b

      b) copy raw formulas (from variables) to the result: result = 1 / 1 +3

      c) calculate it right now..


      So the result is 1/1 +3 = 1+3=4

      Instead of 1/4...


      Is this a known issue?

      Are you (Qlik team) going to solve this problem? Maybe in the November 2017 version?

      Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG