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    Data loss while initial load on big data

    Ulrich Gödert

      I (a QlikSense beginner) have had created an incremental load as described in Qlik help (Inkrementelles Laden mit QVD-Dateien ‒ Qlik Sense) for eingefügte, geänderte und gelöschte Datensätze. I have to use an internet connection to get several million records out of a table on a remote server. This lasts something about 2h..

      I noticed a data loss.

      I assume that this is caused by the fact that after starting the select for the initial load and before the first timestamp for LastExecTime is set lots of new records are stored into the table.

      Is there a best practice known, how to solve this problem?

      I can't modify the connection to the database server (Oracle).

      It works fine up to few million records.