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    Rank Question

    Kenneth Holden

      I am using Qliksense cloud now for two years and really love it, but still struggle figuring out the syntax in expressions.


      Mys scenario, I run a sales organization and am trying  to get Qliksense to do Rank in sales. I have no problem doing this in a table. I have and its working perfectly.


      I am trying to do the same thing in a KPI object, so when I choose one specific rep and all the data in the visualization changes so it shows that person's rank. The issue is when I do this with the same formula, and specifically choose one rep it always says they rank 1.


      I know it is not searching against the other rankings  and I need help to figure out what I am missing,.


      If anyone can help would be great.


      here is the expression for rank in a table, how do change this to use in a KPI object when I select one rep and filter data on one rep.