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    How to combine an exclusion and a list of selected terms in the same dimension?

    Sinziana Lelescu

      I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense and I'm just getting the hang of it. And I need to select a list of company names and exclude a company name when creating different charts for example bar chart or any other chart.


      I created the following expression to select the company names and it works:


      = If(WildMatch(ORG_NAME, 'K', 'F', 'M', 'Mo', 'Ge', 'Gu', 'in'), ORG_NAME, Null())


      But how do I set an exclusion in the same expression? For example - "K Food"? So I want to select all the companies above and exclude "K Food".


      I tried the following expression but it doesn't exclude "K Food":


      =If(WildMatch(ORG_NAME, '*K*', -'K Food','F', 'M', 'Mo', 'Ge', 'Gu', 'in'), ORG_NAME, Null())