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    NPrinting distributes empty documents

    Matt McIlvride

      I apologize if this is in the wrong section; I am using Qlik Sense but this is the only section of the community that I saw for NPrinting discussion.


      I am able to schedule reports to be delivered via email, but the data comes up blank. I used the following process:

      • I created an app in Qlik Sense. The data is taken from a SQL view and works perfectly.
      • In the QMC, I published the report to a stream.
      • I added my application in NPrinting.
      • I created a connection in NPrinting. Every step showed a green checkmark, the connection status says it was successful, and the cache status is generated.
      • I set up a report for my application in NPrinting. I linked it to my app and selected Excel as the type.
      • Finally, I set up a task for my report. I triggered it to send once a couple minutes after I saved it. I linked it to my report and set myself as the user to receive the report.


      My test email sent successfully, and had an Excel file attached. Unfortunately, the file was empty. Am I missing a step?