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    Problems setting a variable to a concatenated string

      I need to take the selected values in the l_freq and u_freq, and use them to create a string that will be used as select criteria for another field in the document.  The code I have so far (to build the string, and put the string in a variable) doesn't seem to work.


      sub SetLimits()



      end sub


      When the code gets to the last line, I get an error that says: "Object Required: 'SelectString'


      What am I doing wrong?


      Oh, and yes, I realize that I can do this in an action, but I ran into problems with things not happening sequentially, so variables were not getting set properly.




      dim SelectString


      SelectString = ""




      set LB = ActiveDocument.getField("l_freq").getSelectedValues()
      set UB = ActiveDocument.getField("u_freq").getSelectedValues()


      for i = 0 to LB.Count-1
           if i = 0 then SelectString = "("
           SelectString = SelectString & ">=" & LB.item(i).text & "<=" & UB.item(i).text
           if i = LB.Count-1 then
                SelectString = SelectString & ")"
                SelectString = SelectString & "|"
           end if


      ActiveDocument.Variables("Variable1").setContent SelectString.GetContent.string, true