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    Add expression to script

    davy michiels

      Hi everybody,


      I am not good at editing the script of my Qlikview file. Most of the editing that I've done is with your help (thanks by the way ).

      Now I want to add some set expressions to my script, so I can use their outcome instead of each time using set expression for all my tables and charts. Can someone provide me with the correct peace of text that I need to add to the script?


      I have a field that is provided by the database that is called "CLIENTORDERS"

      so I can use the expression sum(CLIENTORDERS) for each article and make my charts.

      Actually sum(CLIENTORDERS) gives the same result as a set expression sum({$<OrderType={CLORDERS},Status={Open}>}BALANCE) but much easier.

      Now  they've made some changes in the database, I need to alter the CLIENTORDERS value:

      it should give the same result as sum({$<OrderType={CLORDERS},Status={Open}>}BALANCE) - sum({$<OrderType={CLORDERSFORECAST},Status={Open}>}BALANCE)

      so maybe I can get this formula pre-calculated in the script and use a field like CLIENTORDERS_BIS to use as sum(CLIENTORDERS_BIS) in my charts or even more easy just update CLIENTORDERS to this new formula (do I don't have to change any expression in my charts)?


      Best regards,