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    Master calendar should start exactly 2 days from now (rounded on minutes)

    Alexander Schmitz

      Hi guys,


      Potentially I missed the right post, which solves this problem, but I didn't figure out yet, of how to create a master calendar in Qlick Sense, which starts exactly 2 days from now (rounded on minutes) and has one row each minute.


      So what I want is a calendar like this (Now it is 2017/10/25 10:53:22):



      2017/10/23 10:53:00

      2017/10/23 10:54:00

      2017/10/23 10:55:00




      2017/10/25 10:53:00


      The problem is, that the script I found which generates the master calendar always rounds the timestamp to a date. But in my case, the past data horizon should always be 2 days, not varying dependent on the actual date.