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    Restrict selection to possible (but not P()) values

    Justin Dallas

      EDIT: I messed up the image below and took the screenshot before changing the OrderNumber values.  But the point still stands.



      Hello Everyone,

         I have a datamodel that looks like this.

      LOAD * Inline
      OrderNumber, ParentOrder, BillTo, Line, IsParentOrder, IsChildOrder
          1000,  ,  Starbucks, Coffee Cups , 1
          2000, 1000, Party City, Party Hats,,1
          3000,  ,  Lexmark, Printer Ink,1
          4000, 3000, Oracle, Invoices,,1
          5000, ,  Microsoft, Apple Baskets,,



      As you can see, there is a ParentChild relationship between the rows of the datatable.  What I would like to do, is have a table of just Parent Orders, and then have a table of just Children Orders.  When the user selects the parent, the Children table will just show those attached children.


      I'm not sure how to accomplish this because when you select an OrderNumber, you exclude all the other OrderNumbers, including the children OrderNumbers.  In set analysis, you would do something like SUM{1<ParentOrderNumber=P(OrderNumber)>} (I think).  But when taking this idea and using it as a Dimension, I'm at a standstill.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Below is an image of what I would like to be able to do.