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    Set Analysis for Different Time Frames/Intervals

    Bob Caplan

      Hello Everyone,


      I am basically trying to get totals for a particular time period. What makes it a little more complex, is that the field (Date) referenced for the time frame is different for each segment. Here is a data sample:


      Segment              Date               Total          15 Days      30 Days     90 Days

      8000                    1/17/17           8000             1500          2000          4000

      8001                    3/18/17          11000            2000          4000          6000

      8002                    6/30/17           1500             300             400            500



      I am using RangeSum(Above(Count({<event_type={*}>} event_type),0,RowNo(TOTAL))) for the cumulative total. Can I use something like:


      RangeSum(Above(Count({<event_type={*},Date={Date+15}>} event_type),0,RowNo(TOTAL)))

      for 15 days in, and so on for the other "# Days")? This didn't work of course, so hoping it is just a syntax error, and can be done.

      I appreciate any help with this.