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    Visualization for business-processes

    Vladimir Podoinitzyn

      Hello. I want to tell how we can visualize cross-functional business-processes in QlikView. I' m sorry for my English. I don't know how russian documents be name abroad.

           My department has got the task to develop the application for analysis of Sales returns and depreciates.

      Sales returns and depreciates is situation when supplier buys own product from customers because product has a defect and it isn’t could be sold.

           This process contains several subprocesses and each subprocess has a responsible department. Successful completion this task depends on timely and high-quality completing of each subprocess, and all subprocess must be done within a specified time. In this post, only part of all process is being described.

           We are considering interaction of 3 departments: the delivery department, the warehouse and the accounting department. The process looks like this:

      1. We have a sales returns order that we must deliver into warehouse from customer;
      2. The warehouse employees must accept the order and depreciate a defective product;
      3. The accounting department must enter document for payment to customer.

           We need to analyze each part of the process to understand where problems exist. The completion of each subprocess is accepted by the relevant document. Documents are the data sources for application. Delivery information has been keeping in a system. To solve this problem, I have decomposed the process in QV as a tree: the branches are subprocesses, the leaves are information of completion of the subprocess. The main idea of analysis is to divide document’s array into the parts: entered on time documents, entered in bad time documents, non - entered documents with rest of time, non - entered documents without rest of time. Delivery has same parts.

           Each tree leaf is a trigger that selects documents from full array of documents by certain condition. The application is based on simple text objects and data selections.

           Screen of visualization:


           Three top buttons ‘Delivery’, “Warehouse” and “Accounting” show and hide parts of tree by department’s responsibility.
           When you click on any object, for example, "on time" object, it selects only delivered on time documents:


           The "Clear Selection" button clears current selections.

            We can show full tree, if we click on all top buttons.


      I suppose this solution can help who need to analyze complicated interactions.

      Best regards,

      Podoinitzyn Vladimir,

      BI Developer, Russia.