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    External link in chart - multiple possibilities

    Puttemans Johan

      Dear all,


      Does anyone know how to tackle the following :


      I have a table (chart type) with information, and for more details. I've put a link in this table that should direct users towards a pdf-document that is opened from the server.


      My expression to find the file is the following :

      = 'BNX'& '<URL>'&vMapPath&'BNX\'&date(date#(SEND_DATE, 'dd/mm/yyyy'), 'yyyy-mm-dd')&' _ BNX-'&BULL_SHORTNAME&'-'&(if(BULL_VERSION < 10, '0'&BULL_VERSION, BULL_VERSION))&' (INFRABEL).pdf'


      An example of the filename is : '2017-10-26 _ BNX-65M-55390-01 (INFRABEL).pdf'


      I run into 2 similar problems, that is that at the end, between the brackets, there can be 'INFRABEL', but also 'SNCB_NMBS'. Additionally, the send date may vary with 1 day.


      So the above example may be '2017-10-25 _ BNX-65M-55390-01 (SNCB_NMBS).pdf' or 2017-10-25 _ BNX-65M-55390-01 (INFRABEL).pdf' or 2017-10-26 _ BNX-65M-55390-01 (SNCB_NMBS).pdf' as well. The middle will always stay the same.


      Is there a way within Qlikview to write the expression in such a way that any of these 4 file will be found on the server and opened in the application (without multiplying the links by 4)?


      Thanks in advance,