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    Joining tables and links SQL

      Firstly - Please forgive the basic questions that I may ask along the way ...I am new to QlikView - but programmer/developer experienced of 20+ years.  I am struggling with joins and data visualisation.  I have 3 tables ( WIP ) - the Job is common in all 3 - but when I choose the operation from table2 it does not show back the fields from table1 - is there a key thing I am missing ??  sorry to be vague

        • Joining tables and links SQL

          Check structure with CTRL-T, there you should see a line between the tables if there are a link (JOIN). If not you have to rename fields in load script (as you would in SQL field as something_else).

          • Joining tables and links SQL

            Hello Steve,

            in addition to the post from Thomas, it is good to know that QV automatically links tables together with common fieldnames (case sensitive). This is a very convenient and powerful feature, if you can handle it. But if you are not familare with it it may lead into funny and unexpected results. If you like you can post a first data-model you created to discuss it deeper.

            Another point is that a QV-Join is not the same as a SQL-Join. See Manual (or in this forum, there is good stuff about these themes). Or even next post :-)

            The main reason for that is for my oppinion because the fieldnames are unique through the whole application.