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    Help displaying filtered dimensions in a chart

    Liv ma



      I want to display the following chart:

      - reporting date (and some other dimension)

      - some measure


      the complication is that I want the measure to be calculated only for a subset of the reporting date - say for 2 reporting dates only, eg for September 2017 and August 2017


      therefore in the measure I use a modifier for the reporting dates


      the problem is that the chart still displays all reporting dates, even if for the dates other than Sep and Aug the value is 0.


      of course this problem is solved if I make a manual selection using a filter, but I do not want to use the filter - I want the chart only to display the measure for these 2 dates only


      the weirdness is that in the previous version of Qlik Sense the chart only displayed the dates for which the calculated measure was not zero and this remained like that until I modified the subtitle of this chart


      after modifying the subtitle, the chart started displaying all the dates


      thank you for your help, I hope what I wrote is understandable