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    Range of Daily averages

    Christopher Obert

      Hi All,


      Here is a fun one. I have a request to generate the min and max values of an average. In other words, they want the range of an average value.  In this particular case we the range of daily averages over N time by X dimension.  Here is an example;

      We have an Average daily count (see equation below) , the client wants the min and max values used to get that value. In the table below, client xyz had a daily average count in Sept of 25.45, the lowest day in September was 5 orders placed, the highest day was 45. Likewise in October the lowest was 2 and the highest was 200. 


      I tried this

      RangeMax(aggr(Sum({$ <>}[Total Count]), distinct [Order Placed Day]))


      But I am clearly missing something as this results in nothing but dashes.  Any thoughts from the Hive Mind? Thanks in advance



      ClientName         Average daily count               Min Daily count     Max Daily count


           Sept                         25.45                                   5                              45

           Oct                           21.256                                   2                              200













      (simplified) Average Daily count =  Sum({$ < >}[Total Count])  / Count({$ <>}distinct [Order Placed Day])