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    Set Analysis for Multiple Selections

    Brandon Droy

      I am just starting to get my feet wet with Qlik Sense and I am not a coder by trade, so please bear with me. My current table shows more columns than I want it to (see attachment for an example). The purpose of the table is to show surgical case counts by doctor for the past three years and by specific facilities from a field titled Facility Group Name. The formula used to calculate the surgical volume is shown below. The attachment shows the current facility group names and I would like to be able to have the chart only show OSF, RMH, and SAH without having to filter down on them. Thank you in advance!


      Sum({$<[Service Year]={$(=Max([Service Year])), $(=Max([Service Year])-1), $(=Max([Service Year])-2), $(=Max([Service Year])-3)}>}Aggr(If(Sum({$<RenFlag = {1}, SurgeryFlag = {1}, SurgAssistFlag = {1}, [Service Year]={$(=Max([Service Year])), $(=Max([Service Year])-1), $(=Max([Service Year])-2), $(=Max([Service Year])-3)}>} Units)>0, 1, 0), Key|Surgery, [Rendering Doctor Name], Key|Date))