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    Update Qlik Sense Server

    Andy Aubry



      I want to update a Qlik Sense Server installation.


      Do I have to uninstall the old one before I can download a new Setup? (I no longer have access to the download list in "customer downloads") with this Qlik account.


      Other questions, is there a deserialization step? to make them available on the new installation?


      Info: I have no constraints on the recovery of any applications, QVD ect ...


      Thank you.

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          Shraddha Gajare

          You can directly update to new Qliksense version without unistalling previous version.

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              Andy Aubry


              For this, I need to create a new Qlik account to access QlikSense setup ?

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                  Onno van Knotsenburg

                  No. Any account that is a local administrator on that server should be fine.

                  Though I would suggest to do it with the account that is currently also running the services. Usually something like "Qservice" or whatever name they decided to be the dedicated Qlik service account.



                  After re-reading your question, I noticed you are not asking about the server account to install the software with, but the account to download the latest updates from our download site.

                  If you are no longer paying our service fee, you will no longer have access to this download site. But if you are, I suggest contacting the person in your company who is responsible and/or the company you bought the Qlik Sense license from. They should be able to help you out with the account or at least help you get closer.