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    General filter pane selection coding Qlik Sense

    Russell Glenn

      Hi everyone,


      I am wondering if I can code something in the Qlik. I am trying to say that if our product segment dimension is selected via a filter pane and one of our product lines is selected, then be rgb(0,0,0).


      I am wondering if there is a way to say if any part of a dimension (product line) is selected then do something


      if([Product Segment]='Shoes' and [Product Line]='XXXX', rgb(0,0,0))


      The expression works if I put in a specific product line name like "running" or "walking", but I am trying to code it to work if ANY product line is selected.


      Is there a general term I can put in for the XXXX above to mean if any product line is selected?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Russel,

          What you can do is use the GetSelectedCount([Product Line]) statement, something like:


          if([Product Segment]='Shoes' and GetSelectedCount([Product Line])>0, green(),red())


          For my example, ive used the following code:


          Load * Inline


          Date,Product Segment,Product Line,Sales



              03/01/2017,Bike,Mountain bike,1013







          And got this (selecting shoes only)



          And got this (selecting shoes and whatever selection on Product Line):