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    Generating the data for previous quarter and month

    siddharth soam

      I have 2 filters one for quarter and other for month. I have derived quarter from month (1-3[Q1],4-6[Q2],7-9[Q3],10-12(Q4)).  I want to generate data for previous quarter and month simultaneously as values are selected in the filters. But the problem I am facing is I am  able to generate for either one of them. Here accounting period is the 'month'.


      Whenever I select a quarter for ex Q2 it shows me data for Q1 but when I alter the month it shows 0 value in the measure.


      I want the system to show that If I select month as 4 and 6 the previous measure should show me data quarter 1, month- 1 and 3 correspondingly.





      I am using the following measure for generating previous month measure

      Num(sum({$<Quaters={"$(=GetFieldSelections(Quaters)-1)"}>}[Service Revenue]),'##.0'),